is a specialist event marketing, digital experiences and operations consultancy
Why we stand out
More than 200 projects in more than 40 countries. We have no boundaries.
Industry knowledge
We were trained in the fields. We know how event agencies, PCOs, venues, associations and the corporate world works. And we know what they want.
We are young, ambitious, curious, trendy. We learn from the past, but we also look ahead. We like to do things which were never done before. Yes, we are crazy too.
We were and are active in lots of industries: from online marketing to dredging. Do you know what dredging is? :)
A few case stories
We were approached to run an event for a company that was undergoing budget cuts. The initial budget for the event was reduced 30%, with the stipulation that the event's structure and services were to remain intact. Endo-Exo experts analysed both the initial budget and the event management processes and created an alternative plan for running the event, without sacrificing the level of the service (and in most aspects increasing it). The final budget not only remained within the reduced range, we also achieved £50,000 of savings for the company.
A startup company didn't have sufficient funds to host an important event and approached Endo-Exo for help. We provided a report indicating where the event should be organised in order to gain grants for financial support. The result: Endo-Exo organised the event and the startup company received much needed funding.
Another client approached Endo-Exo with a request to build a program, 'as at TED'. The survey results indicated that the program content lacked audience interaction and excitement. Therefore we suggested an alternative plan for the program structure, speaker training and audience engagement. Emphasis was placed on the look and feel of the stage and on the audio-visual equipment. The result? Standing ovations.
Our client had an impressive database of contacts, leads, and past and current clients, collected through his many years of operation. It seemed however that this valuable resource was not utilised to its full potential. Endo-Exo worked with the client, trawling through the database and analysing his ideal target audience, all in order to appropriately adapt his communication strategy. The subsequent communication plan was linked with running events in order to speak with clients on subjects that most concerned them, triggering participation in the event.
Our client was very focused on hosting a high quality event for their international visitors. Due to the size of the event, the client was keen to emphasise the personal touch and pay special attention to each guest. They approached Endo-Exo to organise the event and provide state-of-the-art customer care. Endo-Exo organised the VIP event in an established setting with a highly personalised approach to each guest, ranging from airport transfers to individual dining menu selection.
Our client was organising its annual client meeting, incorporating the same year-to-year program structure. Endo-Exo was commissioned to manage the event. We also worked on the program with the client; by suggesting new methods and techniques, the result was more interaction from the floor and the generation of more questions and answers, creating an incredible energy flow to the event. The client was happy as were the participants, primarily because they were able to interact more with their peers.
In everything we do...

...we act as a part of your team.

We hate hidden costs.
We work transparently and
ask the same from our recommended providers.

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