Elina Jutelyte
Event tech pro, event marketing, event digital experiences consultant

I am a senior event marketing and operations executive with almost 20 years of experience in B2B and association event management. I'm a former president of Meeting Professionals International (MPI) in Belgium, the largest meeting and event industry association worldwide, and an event marketing and technology consultant at Endo-Exo, a virtual event agency helping organisations with event strategies, operations and marketing in the digital space.

I have done 200+ global association and corporate event projects in more than 40 countries involving diverse (often remote) teams and managed events with 1000+ attendees and 6-figure budgets.

I'm fond of technologies and have spent years working for tech companies and startups, which helped me to transition quickly to the world of virtual events.

During the coronavirus pandemic from March to December 2020, I have produced more than 50 events, including a month-long Freelance Business Month with star speakers from all around the world for the Freelance Business Community, which I run as a side-business.

When I am not busy running events and online communities myself, I enjoy being a public speaker and contributor to the event industry's media resources such as Forbes, MPI, EventLIVE, Bizzabo, Content Marketing Institute, and others.

Finally, I indulge in hobbies such as photography, sports, and outdoor activities to balance the thrill I get from all those great events. I also work as MICE influencer for event industry organisations.

If you have an important event in mind that needs special treatment or would like to consult the transition of your operations into a new, fully digital era, it would be my pleasure to be your guide and advisor. And if I am available, I am always ready for hands-on participation in the production and management of your event as well.

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Navigating to the digital domain and online events took many event planners by surprise. While this domain creates lots of uncertainties, it also provides much more opportunities for event organisers and their organisation stakeholders.

Where to start with transforming your offline event into online?
How to evaluate whether your event management infrastructure is ready for this shift?
Where are we heading with the new normal?

It is not a promotion of a certain product, but a very unbiased views of a consultant experienced in digital marketing, event operation and online events.


  • Online meetings tool review and how to select them for your event
  • How to create digital event infrastructure to scale up your event operations
  • Nuances of the online event marketing and content production
  • Price setting for online events: paid or free?
  • Online events value proposition for sponsor
  • Lessons learnt from being an online event organiser and participant
Digital infrastructure for events

Since the moment event industry switched to all digital, the event pricing question became one of the most prominent.

Many industries set the price strategies based on pricing theories or economical and mathematical models, however the event industry is lacking such a theoretical approach. We develop event pricing in the best case scenario by building the budget, in the worst case scenario just by applying 'I guess that's going to work' method.

During this session we will look into several pricing strategy possibilities, outline what is important to take into account and how to define event tickets prices.

  • How to approach price setting process
  • Price strategies for ticketing and sponsorship
  • Examples of current events and price dynamics
  • Data driven event price strategies
    Online events pricing strategies
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    I have presented at:
    Word MICE Day, Qingdao, China
    World MICE Day is the premier platform for the inbound and outbound MICE industry around the globe. It will invite well-known entrepreneurs, training experts and related professionals from MICE industry to share ideas, successful stories, and guide attendees from domestic and overseas through our unique training events and face-to-face meetings.
    WESTM, Zagreb, Croatia
    WESTM MICE Exhibition & Conference aim is to break boundaries of MICE and tourism industry while instigating energy for advancement in each person. Therefore, we wish you to become part of the growing new age MICE and tourism community. Do you have a passion for MICE, tourism and technology, This is a place for you. Meet people that share your passion and listen to what best speakers from the region and the world have to say.
    MPI, worldwide
    Meeting Professionals International (MPI) is the largest meeting and event industry association worldwide. Founded in 1972, MPI provides innovative and relevant education, networking opportunities and business exchanges, and acts as a prominent voice for the promotion and growth of the industry. MPI has a global community of 60,000 meeting and event professionals including 15,000 engaged members. It has nearly 70 chapters and clubs, with members in more than 70 countries worldwide.

    Event Industry Forum, Lviv, Ukraine
    Arena Lviv hosted the Event Industry Forum – the biggest event industry conference in Ukraine. Organisers Global Events and the Lviv Convention Bureau attracted over 1400 participants from around the world.
    Event Tech Live, London, UK
    Event Tech Live is the leading global event technology conference and exhibition covering virtual events, online events, digital events, technology for events and
    IBTM, Barcelona, Spain
    IBTM - one of the largest MICE trade-show and where meetings, events and incentives industry decision makers meet.
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    World of MICE, Elina Jutelyte, event technology
    World of MICE, Elina Jutelyte, event technology
    Event Industry Forum, Elina Jutelyte, event technology
    WESTM, Elina Jutelyte, event technology
    World of MICE, Elina Jutelyte
    Event Industry Forum, Elina Jutelyte, event technology
    World of MICE, Elina Jutelyte
    MPI Belgium, Elina Jutelyte, event technology
    WESTM, Elina Jutelyte, event technology
    Event Industry Forum, Elina Jutelyte, event technology
    WESTM, Elina Jutelyte, event technology
    Event Industry Forum, Elina Jutelyte, event technology
    Event Industry Forum, Elina Jutelyte, event technology
    WESTM, Elina Jutelyte
    MPI Belgium, Elina Jutelyte, event technology
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