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Types of online events

Attending another webinar, which was called an interactive online meeting made me realise how much unclarity is out there in terms of online event terminology. Here is the list for you if you are also confused.

There are four types of digital events:

1. Online meeting / Workshop / Masterclass

A session run via zoom-look-a-like videoconferencing platform, where you can see participants and presenters and participants can ask questions live and talk to each other.
Examples: MPI Chapter weekly masterclasses or tons of other online meetings you attended these days

With that being said, if you only allow people attending your 'event' to type in the chat, don't call it a online engaging meeting, you are still doing an old-fashioned Webinar. Call it a 'one-way-presentation-with-a-test-how-quick-you-can-type'.. or something shorter than that.

2. Virtual conference / Summit / Congress

More than one session and several speakers, for a duration of 3-4 hours (or longer) or several days. An event management system will be used with a videoconferencing platform as in online meetings.

Examples: Evolve, In-Person (by Bizzabo)

3. 'Show' broadcasting

Virtual conference with the elements of TV production, thus higher quality than online meetings or virtual conference. Virtual conference may also have some show production elements (perhaps for an opening session or some keynotes).

Examples: Together at Home Online Concert, GMID Virtual

4. Immersive virtual experience (AR)

Artificial reality which is created to substitute your physical event. Your attendees are avatars joining virtual sessions, activities, browsing the exhibition halls. It looks like you are joining a game. This event type may include all 3 event types mentioned about which makes it the most labor and technology intensive.

Example: Laval Virtual

Read here how to select tools for you online events and the review of 30+ online meeting software tools on my Linkedin Profile.
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